The Government announced the guidelines for businesses operating safely and we have now implemented a digital form for you to register that you are on the park. This has been specified by the Government as a measure to help to reduce the spread of the virus. Please make sure that you complete the form prior to your arrival to the park.

  • The form is essential as part of our health and safety management plan.
  • Details may be passed on NHS Track and Trace.
  • Data will be kept securely for 21 days.
  • Data will be used for no other purpose or shared with anybody else except NHS Track and Trace.

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Check-In Form Information for Holiday Home Owners

  • Part 1. Your arrival and departure date and time. If these change you must let us know.
  • Part 2. Full names and contact details (phone or email) for all guests.
  • Part 3. Questions relating to COVID-19.Part
  • 4. Submit.

We recommend saving or bookmarking the Check-in form.